Iker Casillas is my hero ♥

Hi, my name is Jas, welcome to this mess called my blog. I'm a football fan & I love tv shows. my teams are Real Madrid and Arsenal London. my current favourite TV shows are Hawaii 5-0, Supernatural & The Vampire Diaries.
I also totally adore the Backstreet Boys since I'm like 11 years old and Nick & A.J. always were my favourites.
I think I'm a nice and communicative girl, so don't be afraid to talk to me - no matter about what :)
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I never knew I could love ‘till the end of time, yeah
And now I’m free falling, free falling by your side.

But if you loved me, why’d you leave me?

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Cristiano Ronaldo: the fittest man alive.
Behind the scenes for Men’s Health (X)

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Make me choosesing-to-the-heavenly asked: 

AJ McLean - Have It All or Howie D. - Back To Me

I just wanna forgive and forget all about you, why can’t I just move on from this place in between loving and hating you? Don’t know where to belong. - Sincerely Yours.

Up Close and Personal withThe Real Madrid 2014-15 Goalkeeper Kit 

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Seth: ”If someone would of told me last year that you and I would be two of the loneliest people in Newport, I wouldn’t have believed them. Well, at least not the you part.”

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July 27, 2014